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So, what does your yarn stash look like?


Got Yarn?
Aug 16, 2003
Um, yeah, I have like 4 or 5 totes full of yarn mostly sorted by type & stuffed full. I am a fiber junky. I admit it. Yarn, fabric, paper, doesn't matter. I love it all! LOL

I have knit a LOT since we've been in this house & mostly what I've bought has been sock yarn, so I'm pretty proud of myself. I think all I did was buy yarn last year when dh was gone.

I need to keep knitting because the packers will be coming in a month!

I am so excited to be going back to where I know I can walk in and ask for what I'm looking for without bumbling in my pathetic german. Or I can order it & it won't take a month to get here!
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New Member
Jul 12, 2001
I've got 2 totes full of yarn - not Rubbermaid size, but I could easily fit everything into 1 Rubbermaid tub. Like Stacey, compared to my fabric stash my yarn stash is puny :)

I have a lot of Peace Fleece, a few skeins of dyed fisherman's, a few undyed skeins of Bartlett's, lots and lots of KnitPick's Merino Style, 2 (huge) skeins of HA cotton chenille, a few skeins of HPY merino (yum!) and various cotton and acrylics that I've picked up at Walmart. I envy those of you who have yarn stores local to you! Walmart is it in this small town, so I have to get all of my good stuff online.


...NAK'ing at dawn...
Jul 15, 2003
i don't have enough! I have like, 5 full skeins, if that!

it's sad. and pathetic...but my wish list is LOOONG...i just have to keep saving my pennies rofl...


A Patinha!
Jul 17, 2003
I have a lot of yarn. I just did a major destashing after Lily was born though. I freecycled two huge boxes of yarn and patterns/mags. I had really collected quite a bit over the years. lol

Now I have a closet with shelves in the office that I keep my stash in.
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