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    Brad, please introduce yourself

    He joined on the 26th. When did Brad gain access to Sister's? Has he/she/whomever been lurking here for 2 and a half weeks? That's creepy, since we could have talked about any number of things in front of a stranger. I know, I know. . nothing on the internet is private. But, I talk amongst...
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    Yah, I told you I didn't feel well - tsh is just shy of 8. Yes. 8

    I'm annoyed for you too, but glad you'll get it worked out now. How long will it take you to feel like your old self again?
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    1 /31-GOOD UPDATE!! Anybody a hairdresser or good with hair?

    http://www.cowboymagic.com/products-detangler-shine.html The rosewater stuff doesn't work as well for us. We use the concentrated at the concentrated level with dreads. Just gloop it on there as is. Expensive stuff though, at $25 a bottle.
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    1 /31-GOOD UPDATE!! Anybody a hairdresser or good with hair?

    This is what I was going to say. I'm not sure if it's safe, but if I was desperate, even as "natural" and I am I'd use it in a heartbeat. Our pony gets dreads in his mane at it's longest point. His main is probably 2 feet long, maybe more, and will end up knotted only inches long. It's the...
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    so exciting....getting dark DARK brown eggs now from my french coppered black marans

    How much will the hatching eggs be? I love my copper marans and I have another maran, but I can't remember which. I'd have to pull the papers. I love their dark speckled eggs. I think the only ones I love as much as those are the pearly pinks from the blue andelusians.
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    9 year old girls and christmas gifts

    Well, my dd was the hardest this year. I ended up getting her a pink scooter, a pink skirt and some nice art supplies (wool felt , water colors and brushes).
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    9 year old girls and christmas gifts

    Costco has the yummiest fluffy lined zip hoodies with peace sign appliques on the front. They're in the woman's dept, but they seem to run really small. M got an XL and she only wears a size 8 and my 10 yo son wears that size too. So, an XS or S might just work for her.
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    WWYD washer dryer pedestals

    ah, so finally a benefit to being short. Although, I do admit, my children move the clothes from the washer to the dryer more often than not. I was going to suggest a small stool to sit on. Maybe one of those garden stools with wheels? My son talked about building me a set. Just a...
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    And when I stick up for him here, he shows me

    Just stopping in to offer you strength this morning to make your call. I'll be thinking about you.
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    And when I stick up for him here, he shows me

    I'm so sorry. I can speak from a bit of experience though. It's not going to get better. Only worse. Don't give him that power. Big hugs. It's a rotten place to be, but it will get better.
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    The new roo is attacking my son

    You can twist off his spurs very easily, just to remove one set of his weapons, which might also help your son feel more confident (and render him less likely to actually harm your son). Sometimes no matter what you do they don't learn. We had one rooster that was HUGE, like turkey sized, and...
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    help me brainstorm... re: water ~

    Since you are so close and it's just for animals you could get an old farm truck ($500ish) and a water tank it could handle. Fit that with a pipe and on/off valve. Fill at your house and drive to farm, back up to trough and empty water. I would definitely rather invest the money than just pay...
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    A little update. Things are moving along!

    What incredible news. I can't wait to hear stories of all the other wonderful happenings on your new farm.
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    Do it or loose $4000

    We lose ours. I wonder who determines what the rules are for each plan? Is it the state, company, etc?
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    Do it or loose $4000

    We could still claim money through the first quarter, but it had to be for services provided in the previous calendar year.
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    Do it or loose $4000

    For me, it would depend on how poor my vision was. My optometrist and I were talking once and her prescription is the same as mine. She said she would not have it (personally) with our level of correction. She considered that an unnecessary risk. If my vision was poor enough that I really...
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    updated . interview went well. now praying for call back for 2nd interview.

    it really does sound like a perfect fit for him. He seems like such a kind and sensitive guy. I bet those little old ladies really would love him! :cross:
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    Must fight urge to lay it all out for dh (warning long and contains strong language)

    That sounds miserable. :( Is there any way you could see your therapist twice a week for a little while? What about joint therapy? That way when your DH acts in a certain way the therapist is there to point out to him what he's doing. Does he listen to them?
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    How bad would your relationship have to be?

    That's what I was thinking. :( But, I guess, it would have to be more good than bad. If there's more bad that good, then what point is there to go on unless there is work being done to repair the relationship.
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    I love this house!

    I love that you love your new home. I hope you have equally lovely neighbors who can appreciate you for the kind, thoughtful, caring person that you are. You deserve nothing less. How is S feeling?
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