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    New school year raves

    We started the new school year last week. First off we are using Tapestry of Grace and I have to say that I love it! Second if you read at the Well Trained Mind but there was a HUGE thread on filing. I started working on it this summer and we are using a filing system this year...
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    Redesigned School Room and Thrifty Art

    I posted pictures of our new school room and the thrifty artwork I decided to use. I also made individual bullentin boards for each of the boys with supplies from Dollar Tree. I loved the way they turned out. I decided to go with a world/cultural theme and we ended up using items that we...
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    Heather what planner did you use last year for TOG?

    I am trying to figure out what to use and am so confused. :lol:
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    If you were going to put together a set of curriculum

    recommendations for parents new to homeschooling (mostly K, 1, 2nd graders) what would you recommend? For some reason I have had several people who are planning to homeschool ask me about curriculum. I know what I use and love but we are eclectic and I am comfortable putting together my own...
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    Interesting article in light of our recent conversations regarding social justice...

    liberal/conservatism. Glenn Beck, Social Justice, and the Limits of Public Discourse - AlbertMohler.com Discuss?
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    Can I tell you a funny joke?

    Just wanted to lighten the tone here. First most of you know that I was raised Southern Baptist so I feel free to poke fun at them at times (this is meant to be good natured not mean spirited, fyi). A man dies and goes to heaven. When he gets there St. Peter meets him at the gate and...
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    So at 3 a.m. this morning I had a revelation.

    I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about Rebecca's thread and couldn't figure out *why* it hurt me. I kept turning it over in my head and obviously thinking about it. At 3 a.m. I was up with a sick child and it was like the pieces of the puzzle came together in my mind. First, on...
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    If you consider yourself a Christian of any variety then come on in.

    I have a couple of questions (actually three) that I want you to answer, not to debate with one another but to "hear" your perspective on this. First question is about theology, if you identify as a Christian what do you believe makes you so? Give me three "fundamentals" that *you* believe...
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    SOTW list of videos and links

    Someone on the Well Trained Minds forums made a master list of videos and links for vol1 and will be doing a list for vol 2 in the fall. Here is the forum post which has the list as a pdf file and also a link to her blog which has lots of info on it also. I Made One! A Master List of Movies...
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    Trying something different for geography today

    We are behind in our geography study so I am going to try something a little different today (and maybe the rest of this week). I am going to let the boys pick a place they would like to live and then I will read a little to them out of our books about that place. We have the book "How...
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    Was someone looking for MFW K?

    I saw it for sale on the well trained mind boards. Here is the link. MFW K, plus lots of phonics & math - The Well-Trained Mind Forums (aka Hive Mind)
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    Review of ALEKS.com

    I will probably post a more detailed review on my blog but can I just say that I LOVE this program. We have struggled to find something that worked well for us. I love parts of MUS but now (4th grade) feel like somethings were missing and we were struggling with feeling behind. So I...
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    I revamped our workboxes and posted a new blog post about them.

    I am also going to show how I have modified centers to work for us in a blog post later this week. A Little Bit Country: Updated workbox system
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    Workbox thread

    Here are some websites for those that want to start using workboxes. I know several are already using this system and if you are and want to link or post pictures please do. I think this is a great system. A Comprehensive Review of the... Working the Workboxes Crystal said what...
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    What are your fav edu websites for kids?

    I am looking for some fun edu websites for kids, really any type of games they can play on the computer. We are using clicknread phonics for J and he loves it. But I am looking for other things for the older boys. I plan on using Math·U·See - Math·U·See for drill for math but would love...
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    Here are some pics of my modified workbox system.

    If anyone wants to see how we make it work using less space than traditional workboxes. This is E's, it is an expanding file folder and I label it and put his work in each section. G had a system similar to E's but it didn't last because his books were too heavy and some wouldn't...
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    Planner talk again

    I know we talk about these alot (every year). I have made my own this year and it is similar to this one Home Educating Family and I think I will buy this one next year to use. But as I was looking today I saw that they had this student planner. I am actually considering it next year...
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    Can you help me work out a daily schedule?

    Here is what we are doing J in K Bible math handwriting OPG ETC geography (listen with olders) science (listen with the olders) read with mom read to mom E in 2nd Bible handwriting etc mus opg fll read with mom read to mom geography science G in 4th Bible...
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    thrifty Christmas ideas

    especially for those who don't like thrifty things? I am trying to think of ideas for family members who aren't so thrifty themselves and I have a few ideas but I thought I would see what ideas everyone else had. This is really for my not so thrifty family that expects "nice" presents.
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    Teri or other Tx moms

    recommendations for Texas history books?
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