spinoff kind of-feeling intimidated about cloth diapering a NB

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    We brought cloth to the hospital for the youngest. I was so determined that no sposie would touch his tiny lil butt.lol We went with a mix of kissaluvs size 0 and prefolds. It worked great! And the nurses were all looking at his diapers, my dr. even loves them.The kissaluvs fit and contained everything and are super daddy friendly( and lazy mama friendly!) and the prefold were awesome. We started with preemie sized and pinned those- they're so thin that a snappi will go through them and scratch the baby. Infant sized and up can be snappi'ed. Just bite the bullet and get all the sizes, pf's are cheap and well worth it to have ones that fit properly. Trust me. For covers we used prorap (nb only they fit oddly in the larger sizes) bummis, ME airflows(never a leak. ever) and wool soaker/longies I knit. He slept in longies as soon as he came home( 4 hrs. after birth)- and almost every night since.

    One thing I learned - it far easier to learn to snappi a nb. I know a lady that was convinced that she wouldn't ever snappi, just trifold now her baby is mobile and she scard of the snappi and considering going to all fitteds.

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