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Discussion in 'Super Crunch' started by ChantingMama, Oct 25, 2007.

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    So, you finally able to post pics of all your awesome creations? Start your blog?? I have been anxiously awaiting the day you do, lol! I found a random blog, of an author I have never heard of, but who I love reading SO much that I have subscribed with Bloglines to keep track of her latest posts. :p Her writing style reminds me of you, and I think reading whatever you feel like typing about will be just as fascinating to read!
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    OMG, that is the funniest blog! I want to find her books now!

    The library says I owe them, so it will be a few weeks, though! I had books under the passenger seat in the car. I thought they were at the library, and that the library police were persecuting me. I have about a 50- 50 shot at being right, it turns out. They've sent me notices for books already back on the shelf, videos in circulation, books pre-damaged......and I have lost books under piles of paper, behind couches, and now, under car seats, car seats convincingly rusticated with cobwebs. Who would stash a book in a haunted car seat basement? I'm one rattling chain short of a good authorial ghost story.

    I...am....scwewed. Say it with a lisp. Scwewed. Doomed. Scwewed. The fabulous computer lab at the community college? Locked up. The other computers at the library? No noisy children. The study lab? Again, silencio childrenio. I am scwewed. These were the fabulous high speed computers with power that I thought I could use. I am surgically attached to noisy children. DH works 60 hours during the week, and 8 hours on Saturday. I can't get near one of these computers. Doomed.

    I found out on Thursday that I was to have already checked in, bought a book, and started writing- paper due on Friday. I hadn't even straightened out my paperwork, or paid all the fees until Wednesday. I crashed our computer this morning, trying to e-mail the paper as an attachment, and in the body of the e-mail ( NO wwwooffer ate my homework excuses for this teacher) The foundation repair guy had to do electronic juju on my computer, to get my paper sent. Since the foundation is going to be repaired in ten days, I still have 6 1/2 weeks of failure, ineptitude, indifference, and sloth to contend with, with no handy handyman. I'm scwewed.

    Four papers in four weeks, with an additional two papers to make a decent grade. And tests. A research paper. I am 38, and not never, not once in my life, have I ever written a research paper. I have done a differential equation from scratch (once) I can recite the second law of thermodynamics- conservation of energy ( I think, and will stare down anyone at a cocktail party who says otherwise) and I know the start of Canterbury Tales- In April with the shoures soote ( cheap trick- it's in my friend's latest book) but I have never done that most basic literate person maneuver.

    I am supposed to write a narrative essay about ME! Having never, not once done an essay for an English class ( it's true-I was in a special class, so I hustled out with extemporaneous performances) I am again, say it with a lisp, scwewed.

    400 to 600 words on the formative experience of my life that matured me into the person I am. Yack. As far as I know, everyone writes about births of children, deaths of relatives - you might as well dress up in black, and say " Autumn! Death!" and natter on.

    I wrote 730 words on why I don't have an essay, and haven't read the book. I seriously, devoutly hope the teacher has a sense of humor. It's well structured, has concrete details, and forms a counter- argument. I hope. I'm scwewed, otherwise.

    Who are we kidding? I'm doomed.


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