Is there a way to feed a family of Four on $30 / week?

Discussion in 'Food and Cooking' started by Mrsmissy, Feb 6, 2003.

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    i'll add my 2cents

    i've gotten our food bill for a family of four (me pregnant and picky, dh , 13 yr old who counts as an adult and a toddler) down to usually $60/week and thought i was doing great. lol. When we're REALLy tight, i can get it down to $40/week.

    you've gotten great ideas. heres a few more ideas for snacks and beverages.

    lemons are cheap. We get ours free off friends trees cuz we're in Arizona, but generally they're pretty cheap. Chelsey takes out the citrus juicer and we make gallons of homemade lemonade and keep it in our cleaned out milk jugs. that is a nice change from water. sometimes when oranges are on sale, or someones tree, we'll do orange juice . or even just a slice of orange squeezed into our water for a nice 'twist". lol

    i also invested in a 99cent store set of popsicle maker/tupperware thingy and we make lemonade popsicles - a nice treat for snack time

    apples with peanut butter is a great cheap snack. so is popcorn if you pop it yourself. we also buy cheap graham crackers and dip in applesauce...tastes kinda like apple pie. LOL. and another is apple pie filling in homemade tortillas. i bake them with a bit of cinnamon. nice desert. one can of apple pie filling (or make your own from apples to keep it even cheaper) lasts thru two dessert nights unless chelsey pigs out.

    you can make your own pancake batter, and syrup. tho i find syrup at the 99cent store better then the junk i've tried to make, my pancakes are good. and they are filling ! sometimes we do those as a snack even . tho eggs and pancakes is a meal almost every sunday night.

    you can also make your own tortillas... put rice and beans in there, with a bit of whatever you have, cheese, onion etc and you've got cheap cheap burritos. make your own pizza dough, use leftover spaghetti sauce and some cheese (wic helps us there) for homemade pizza. I try to make two and then we eat the rest as snack/lunches.

    you can make your own jam, especially orange marmalade. i bake my own bread now, and with some homemade jam its a lovely snack. (specially when still warm). i've been lazy tho and getting 99cent store strawberry preserves lately. LOL

    I buy pickles at the 99cent store. when tehy're gone i buy a cucumber, slice it and put it in the leftover brine so we have pickles again for 59cents. (every, every few pennies counts).chels loves pickles for snack time. and well, these days i'm liking pickles too. lol - and i like half-sours so this works for us.

    will try to think of more snacky food stuff that we eat thats cheap. it can be done. i'm sure of it!

    wic really does help with juice, milk, cheese, cereal and peanut butter. sometimes i'll get beans instead of pb, and make a lentil soup or beans and freeze for other meals. Beans+rice=protein.

    ok. i'm sure other mamas have more/better ideas so i'll shut up and get back to reading.

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