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    I finally feel an opening around learning switchwords. Where do I start?
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    I have loved using the switchwords Kat gave me to use and my little boys loves using a couple as well. They are so pleasant and peaceful.
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    I have posted the Universal Switchwords List
    below. It is also available on my website in
    PDF format at: http://www.sw.ehdef.com

    There are also a number of articles about Switchwords
    and some ideas for ways to use them at:



    Universal Switchwords List

    Switchword is the essence of an experience, condition, or
    desired result, expressed as a single word.
    Switchword is "one-word creative declaration," a "one-word

    Declare, affirm, chant, sing, or even just mentally "intend"
    the Switchword, and like turning on an electric lamp with
    a switch, the desired result reliably appears.

    TOGETHER is the Master Switchword for a life of heaven
    on Earth and mastery of any task at hand, 14 Categories:
    Freedom, Love, Survival, Security, Health, Money, Art,
    Wisdom, Pleasure, Happiness, the life of action,
    Self-improvement, Service to humanity, God religion
    spirituality and enlightenment, James T. Mangan
    realized TOGETHER was the one-word formula on
    10-March-1951 that would manifest all of them in
    perfect proportion.

    Switchwords in alphabetical order:

    ACT be a good orator; transition

    ADD find or increase percentage; enlarge what you have

    ADJUST create balance; assume or carry a burden; handle
    uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions

    ALONE nurture or heal; increase focus on self

    AROUND gain or improve perspective

    ATTENTION do detailed work; avoid carelessness
    BE be at peace and in good health; have good form;
    dispel loneliness; skill in sports; to be unaffected by

    BETWEEN use or enhance telepathy; increase
    psychic awareness

    BLUFF dispel fear or nervousness; enhance imagination
    and dreams

    BOW dispel arrogance
    BRING unite with; manifest; make it so; deliver the goods

    BUBBLE expand beyond perceived limitations; get energized;
    get excited

    CANCEL eliminate negativity or unwanted conditions;
    eliminate, erase or dis-create debt or any kind of negativity,
    or any unwanted thought or condition; dispel annoyance; to
    dispel worry; eliminate poverty

    CANCER calm emotional distress; soften (from astrology’s Cancer
    the Crab)

    CARE memorize; remember; retain

    CHANGE dispel emotional or physical pain; get something out
    of the eye

    CHARLTON HESTON stand straight and tall (or use someone
    you know who stands straight and tall)

    CHARM manifest your heart’s desires

    CHLORINE mingle; share yourself; make a difference; blend;
    become one with

    CHUCKLE turn on personality

    CIRCULATE end loneliness; mingle

    CLASSIC appear cultured, suave

    CLEAR dispel anger and resentment

    CLIMB rise; enhance your view point

    CONCEDE stop arguing, "kiss & make up"

    CONFESS end aggression

    CONSIDER be a good mechanic, a fixer of things

    CONTINUE create or increase endurance; continue swimming

    COPY have good taste; increase fertility

    COUNT make money; reduce smoking

    COVER reduce nervousness; subdue inner excitement

    CRISP dispel fatigue; feel refreshed; revitalize; enhance;
    rejuvenate; brighten

    CROWD dispel disobedience in children, pets or subordinates

    CRYSTAL clarify the situation, things; look to the future;
    improve clairvoyance; purify; neutralize; access Universal

    CURVE create beauty; make something beautiful

    CUT for moderation if tempted to excess; sever ties

    CUTE think; discern; be sharp-witted; be clever

    DEDICATE stop clinging

    DIVINE work miracles or extraordinary accomplishment;
    increase personal ability

    DIVINE-LIGHT multiply intensity; increase enlightenment;
    brightly focus positivity

    DivineORDER anytime you have some organizing or cleaning
    to do, or packing for a trip, be efficient; clean up a mess;
    put in optimum order; revamp

    DO eliminate procrastination

    DONE create completion; meet a deadline; keep a resolution;
    build willpower

    DOWN stop bragging

    DUCK dispel hypersensitivity

    ELATE transform a setback into an uplift or benefit

    FIFTY THREE pay primary concern; take responsibility

    FIGHT win a competitive game; intensify intents

    FIND build a fortune

    FOR promote

    FOREVER keep a secret

    FORGIVE eliminate remorse; end desire for revenge

    FULL optimum level; go beyond; expand capacity

    GIGGLE get in the mood for writing; enjoy the task at hand

    GIVE sell; help others

    GO end laziness; begin; progress

    GUARD protection of body, spirit or property; preserve
    personal safety

    HALFWAY make a long distance seem short

    HELP eliminate indecision or uncertainty; increase focus

    HO relax; to reduce tension; to yawn; to sigh

    HOLD build character

    HOLE be attractive, appealing

    HORSE be solid; be strong; gain power

    HORSESHOE remain steadfast; strengthen the soul;
    safely move rapidly ahead; increase sturdiness and

    JACK LALANNE enthuse (or use someone you know who is
    an enthusiast)

    JUDGE love to read; increase comprehension

    LEARN be youthful; look youthful; rejuvenate

    LIGHT be inspired; lighten load, mood or stress

    LIMIT set parameters; keep others from taking advantage
    of you; back off; stop; regain control

    LISTEN predict the future; in touch with nature and self

    LOVE generate, radiate, experience love; acceptance

    MAGNANIMITY be generous; end pettiness

    MASK save from harm; shield

    MONA LISA smile; dispel hate; dispel envy (or someone
    who represents a smile to you)

    MOVE increase energy; eliminate tiredness; increase pep;
    clear inertia

    NEXT finish lots of meticulous work; repeat; at this time

    NOW end procrastination; act on good impulse

    OFF quit an unwanted habit; go to sleep

    OFFER dispel greed

    OIL clear friction; smooth; release tension; release
    resistance; separate

    ON get new ideas; obtain transportation; nourish
    ambition; build; produce

    OPEN release; tolerate; understand; comprehend;
    free the mind; breathe easier; be artful; dispel
    inhibitions; allow

    OVER end frustration

    PERSONAL publish a successful newspaper or newsletter;
    be a success

    PHASE set goals, routine or pattern; improve situation

    POINT improve eyesight and focus; find direction; decide

    POSTPONE stop pouting; let it go

    PRAISE be beautiful; stop being critical; stop fault finding;
    make yourself handsome

    PUT build; expand

    QUIET quiet the ego

    REACH locate misplaced objects; reach solutions for
    problems; repair things; find what you’re looking for
    such as misplaced items like keys, papers, tools, etc.,
    forgotten ideas, information in your mind or memory
    like names, numbers, etc., solutions to problems;
    invent; solve problems; remember, recall; retrieve

    REJOICE stop being jealous

    RESCIND undo; restart; cancel; redo; (similar to Control-Z
    on a Windows computer you undo last action)
    Caution: Always use BETWEEN, CRYSTAL and LISTEN with
    RESCIND to avoid possible time loop

    RESTORE restore fairness; restore honesty

    REVERSE bury a grudge; stop

    RIDICULOUS get publicity; center attention on you

    ROOT dig; discover; grow

    SAGE dispel evil

    SAVE stop drinking alcohol and other unwanted habits

    SCHEME advertise; design; create

    SHOW be devout; virtuous; moral; give respect

    SHUT stop looking for trouble

    SLOW be wise; have patience

    SOPHISTICATE publish a successful magazine; become
    a larger success

    SPEND dress better; be beautiful

    STRETCH prolong a good feeling or event or
    sense of well-being; grow intellectually,
    mentally, spiritually or physically

    SUFFER handle success; handle prosperity

    SWEET be soothing to others; be caring

    SWING have courage; be bold

    SWIVEL relieve constipation; relieve diarrhea

    TAKE become a good leader

    TAP convert; adapt; renovate

    THANKS stop regretting; release guilt

    TINY be polite; be kind; be courteous; reduce size;
    decrease importance

    TOGETHER master any activity; have it all together;
    become single-minded

    TOMORROW eliminate remorse; dispel sorrow

    UNCLE dispel untogetherness; ward off apartness

    UNMASK bring into focus; expose; lay bare

    UP be in high spirits; dispel the blues; dispel inferiority

    WAIT learn a secret

    WASTE appear rich; show opulence

    WATCH learn a skill; perfect a skill

    WHET stimulate; sharpen; hone; refine; finalize

    WITH be agreeable; compatible; harmonize well with
    others; immerse in

    WOMB feel cuddled; be cuddly; be secure; reconnect
    with Source

    The above is a blending of information from:
    Kat Miller & Associates http://www.ehdef.com
    James T. Mangan "The Secret of Perfect Living"
    Shunyam Nirav "Switchwords – Easily Give to You
    Whatever You Want in Life"
  4. Deborah

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    Thanks Kat -- I had been looking for a link to your site and hadn't found it so much appreciate both the list and the link.
  5. Kat Miller

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    You are welcome Deborah.

    Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.


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