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    Every now and then you see a thread that is unusually (and uncomfortably ;) ) wide, causing you to scroll to the right to be able to read it. The most common reason for this is somebody's very cute, but huuuge picture in the sig line. All pictures in the sig lines should be not more than 300-325 pixel wide, or it will make those of us with smaller monitors scroll to the right (and get quite annoyed). So.. how and where do you shrink pictures?

    One free *online* service is

    It is somewhat straight-forward to use, although can be slow a lttle bit because the page has to reload each time you make a change to the picture.

    One of the free programs that I recommend for picture editing is IrfanView: (lmk if the link for some reason does not work - I'll correct it)

    Have no idea what resolution, etc means? Just make sure your image is less than 325 pixel "wide", and that'll be just fine.

    Step by step directions to use IrfanView:

    • Start IrfanView program
      Click on File
      Click on Open

      to resize image:
      Click on Image
      Click on Resize
      You will see the Current size, in pixels, listed on the top left corner of the screen
      Make sure the "New size:" radio button is selected
      Do not select "percentage of original:"
      Make sure the "Preserve aspect ratio" box is checked
      In the Width box type the number of pixels you'd like your picture to be (for AW, keep it below 325 width)
      When you change the width, the Height will automatically change
      Click OK

      to save your picture as jpg
      Click on File
      Click on Save as...
      Select the directory that you'd like to save this picture to
      Type the name of the file in the File name: box
      In the pull down menu next to "Save as type:" select (*.JPG) JPEG - Files
      Click Save

    That's it!!

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    THANK YOU!!!
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    Another free program is

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!:smooch:

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