'Get in a Receiving Mode'

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    This is so great and so applicable to our parenting, EFT and Law of Attraction.
    THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle
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    :: Get In a Receiving Mode ::

    Being idealistic parents means we do a lot of asking.

    When you're upset by your child's behavior, when you
    fall short of your own ideals, or when you see other
    parents mistreating their children, your reaction is a
    kind of asking. You're asking for a more harmonious,
    parent-friendly, child-honoring world.

    Well, you can ask and ask and ask, but you won't
    receive much of what you're asking for until you stop
    asking and get in a *receiving* mode:

    1. Let go of the question and assume the answer
    is already on its way.

    2. Enjoy your expectation of satisfaction and
    silently give thanks in advance.

    3. Be willing to wait "forever" for the
    answer/fulfillment. The longer you're willing
    to wait, the quicker it will come.


    Your child has forgotten to flush the toilet for
    the umpteenth time this week, and you're feeling
    increasingly annoyed and frustrated.

    Your child can *feel* your expectation of continued
    frustration. S/he is naturally cooperative and will
    continue to meet your unspoken expectation until you
    put yourself in a "receiving mode":

    1. Assume that what you want is already on its way.

    "My child knows what I want, and it's only a matter
    of time before s/he gets it down. (Literally!) With
    my emotional cross-currents out of the way, s/he'll
    easily settle into a new competency that s/he can
    feel good about..."

    2. Enjoy your expectation of satisfaction
    and silently give thanks in advance.

    "I feel good *now* when I imagine my child
    successfully forming a good habit. The success is
    not just the outcome but the whole process, which
    has already begun. I'm grateful that all I have to
    do is 'find the feeling place' of having what I
    truly want, and my child will naturally tend to
    align with it..."

    3. Be willing to wait "forever" for the

    "I create satisfaction from within, unconditionally,
    so there's no hurry. I can actually *enjoy* waiting
    and witnessing the unfolding process. I like the
    *whole* story, not just the last chapter. The
    fulfillment is just the icing on the cake!"

    Does that mean you'll never again remind your child
    to flush? No. But if/when you do, it won't feel like
    nagging or pleading; it'll be an expression of your
    positive expectation.

    Today, practice getting in a receiving mode as you
    interact with your children, your peers, and society
    at large. Can you *feel* the difference between asking
    and receiving?

    Get In a Receiving Mode - EnjoyParenting.com

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    That's a good one. Thanks for posting it here. I'm signed up to receive them but don't always look at them when they come in.

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    And this applies to many (if not all) areas of life.

    As soon as you release the "staying unfulfilled" vibes, the fulfillment comes.

    (Not that it's easy to do at times)
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    on the edge of sanity...
    Wow, I think this could make a huge impact in my life.

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