Disposable diapers are so expensive - can we talk cloth? - or, am I nuts

Discussion in 'Cloth Diapering' started by tikva18, Sep 25, 2005.

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    You aren't nuts - it's not that much harder - we did cloth during the day at home with all three I had in diapers after the twins were born from the start and just used disposables at nights and out of the house. Easier than packing home wet/poopy diapers for two babies and a toddler! We've gone to 100% cloth since Maddy potty trained a few months back.

    I agree with prefolds and wraps - easy and cheap! For the NB and Small sizes I used prorap 2nds because they were cheap and the babies didn't wear that size as long. I used washclothes tri-folded into the NB wraps with a microfleece liner to help them not feel wet - just cut microfleece myself). For Med and Large - I got Bummis Super INdustrial Whisper wraps and premium and toddler Unbleached Chinese prefolds as my stash was just falling to bits after going through 3 other children. It's working well for us - I fold prefolds into the wraps and it's easy for dh to do as well if there is a stack sitting there. It doesn't add that much laundry - esp in the beginning when the diapers are small.

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