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Discussion in 'EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique' started by Deborah, May 6, 2007.

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    Hi friends,
    I have debated about whether this is needed. I hate legal disclaimers but since this is a public forum I thought it best to be clear.

    EFT has had incredible and wide-ranging results for both emotional and physical issues. However, EFT is considered an experimental form of energy medicine. What makes it so appealing is that it is a self-healing method and anyone can use it. That also means if you use EFT, you claim full responsibility for yourself. There have been few reported side-effects; however that doesn't mean you won't find any. For myself, I did experience physical symptoms when I started clearing out a lot of emotional issues; however I slowed down the pace and was fine. You are in charge of monitoring yourself and deciding when and how much to tap. Also, the standard disclaimer is in place to not make any changes to your prescription medicine without contacting your doctor first.

    The founder, Gary Craig, is not a licensed health professional and offers EFT as an ordained minister and personal performance coach. I am not a licensed health care professional; I offer EFT as a form of self-help. Jolene is not a licensed health care professional -- she opened this forum as a way to share something she's found useful for herself.

    There is no legal certification for EFT. There are different levels of training and demonstrated competency.

    If you wish to work with a licensed health care professional who also uses EFT, please refer to the practitioner database at emofree.com.

    Many thanks,
    Deborah Donndelinger, EFT-ADV
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