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    I thought this list might find this article I just
    wrote useful.



    Defusing Words
    by Kat Miller

    Defusing Words help to defuse situations, emotions,
    etc. Defusing Words are found in the Hawaiian
    healing technique Ho’oponopono. Following is my
    current list of Defusing Words:
    Dewdrop is for defusing negative emotions. Use it
    to quell fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, etc. This
    can be used anywhere, anytime. Just focus on what
    you want to defuse and say Dewdrop.
    Flypaper is for defusing relationship issues. When
    negative energy enters love, family or any other personal
    relationship, call Flypaper to defuse it and allow it to
    dissipate. Call Flypaper to release it from the relationship.
    Flypaper holds onto things, and does not release them.
    Flypaper helps to take the negatives away from you.
    Ice Blue
    Ice Blue is for defusing pain. Whenever you are hurt - a
    cut, a burn, have any pain - think or say Ice Blue. You
    can also write it body parts to help defuse the pain.
    Light Switch
    Light Switch is about defusing negatives and turning on
    the positive. Consider the Light Switch as an illuminator.
    Use Light Switch with the desired state you wish to attain.

    If you are feeling anger and resentment, need for revenge,
    then to defuse those feelings you need to be in a state
    of forgiveness.

    To achieve the state of forgiveness, and defuse the anger,
    resentment and/or need for revenge say:

    Light Switch Forgiveness

    This puts illumination on forgiveness, which in turn helps
    defuse anger, resentment and the need for revenge.

    It is important when using Light Switch that the focus be on
    what you want, rather than what you do not want.

    Never use Light Switch with what you do not want. Always
    find a positive focus that will help defuse what you do not
    want and use Light Switch with that.
    Pillar of the Peace of I
    Pillar of the Peace of I is about getting away from and
    defusing negative energy and finding balance and peace;
    reconnecting with Divinity. Whenever you feel out of sorts,
    unbalanced, irritated, call the Pillar of the Peace of I to
    bring Divine Light to you.
    Defusing Words can be mixed and matched with Switchwords.
    Defusing Words can be tapped through EFT.
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    Do you have a word to release the judgment that has been placed on someone. I walk through life feeling the condemnation of judgment. I am ready to release that.
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    Hi Percy's Mom,

    First, a few thoughts that come to mind:

    AROUND (gain or improve perspective)

    BE (be unaffected by ridicule)

    BOW (dispel arrogance)

    CLIMB (rise; enhance your view point)

    Now, that was just off the top of my head.

    What I really love to do with Switchwords is to use
    reflex muscle testing to find a Switchphrase for a
    specific situation. I focus on the energy and check
    for connection, then build the Switchphrase. Doing
    that now for your situation, this is what comes up:




    This Switchphrase means:


    DIVINE - Increase personal ability to

    SHOW - give respect,

    UP - dispel inferiority complex,

    MAGNANIMITY - end pettiness,

    JUDGE - increase comprehension and

    POSTPONE - let it go.


    Wow, that feels powerful. I am going to add
    that to the file for the Emotional Freedom vial
    named "My Core, My Journey, My Destiny, My
    Protection & Me."

    I love creating Switchphases like this. They
    help me enhance my work.

    Try tapping the phrase through the entire
    EFT Basic Recipe and see what it does for you.

    Kat Miller, CTBM, CNH
    Founder Emotional Freedom vial
    Founder Healing Energy Vibrations vial
    Certified ESM Instructor
    Arizona USA
    Skype: JS_Kat

  4. Linda

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    I have such resistance to the switchwords...
    I dunno why.

    I appreciate you posting the info though:)
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    Hi Linda,

    We all must follow our own paths. Switchwords are wonderful
    tools that seem to really expand when joined with other tools,
    especially EFT. TAKE what you want, and leave what you
    do not is my attitude.

    If you wish you could try utilizing the Master Switchword,
    TOGETHER, just chanting it whenever you think about it
    and see if that does anything for you. It may help to lessen
    your resistance.

    TOGETHER master any activity; have it all together;
    become single-minded

    Also, if you are one who needs to know more of the inner
    workings of things, perhaps James T. Mangan's book
    "The Secret of Perfect Living" would be a worthwhile read
    for you, to help you understand the mechanics of how
    Switchwords work.

    Just thoughts, in case you wish to release the resistance
    to Switchwords.


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