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    I'm trying to re-do my sons closet. It's one of those long skinny ones that has the swing out and fold doors.

    I'm thinking of removing the doors (the smaller boys have a hard time using them and they come off there rolling rack all the time. Such a pain to put back in. Blah.

    The boys that share this room are 10, 4 and 20 months, so I need lower shelves and room for toys and low hung clothing.

    I've been thinking about taking everything out, the door off and then painting the inside a nice, bright color and redoing all the shelves and hanging bars.

    I'm new to the decorating a closet experience, but something has to be done. It's so ugly and unfunctionable. I hate it! We already have very few closets and I think this one could be made over nicely. Any suggestions would be really helpful.


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