Can someone give me some quick parenting advice?

Discussion in 'Gentle guidance' started by maryalene, Dec 22, 2006.

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    Well, I just went up and talked to her. She said that she traded four dollar coins for the gameboy from one friend and the other friend lent his to her. She said she's had them for about a month, but they don't work anymore because she doesn't have a charger. I asked her what she thought we should do about it, and she said that she should give the gameboys back and that she should apologize. We talked about why the gameboys were taken away in the first place and about lying and how it makes it difficult to trust her. I also took her pokemon cards for the time being (her suggestion). After our conversation, she then asked if she could get a gamboy if she didn't lie for 3 months lol. I don't think I am quite on board with the idea of her having a gameboy since it has led to lies in the past, but one of her Christmas gifts is a game controller that hooks up to the TV and plays 5 or 6 basic arcade games like meteors.

    I also completely agree with the labeling. I did agree to an evaluation but I told the teacher that I was concerned about labeling and not a fan of medication. You can search for my earlier post on ADHD for more on that.
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    Ah, that sounds lovely. Maryalene, you deserve a hug.

    This parenting gig has it's challenges, doesn't it?

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