Amity Sisters

Registration Required - To gain access to the Amity Sisters forum the following requirements must be met: 2000 posts plus one year of registered membership OR 1000 posts plus two years of registered membership Amity Sisters is available at the request of our community members, who have asked us to provide a restricted access area in the spirit of a more intimate sisterly friendship that can only be born of active participation and interest in this community. We will enjoy growing this community every time a new member reaches the above criteria. Members are not to link to or copy and paste from the Sisters forum. Members are expected to exercise respect for all member’s privacy by not sharing information gained here outside of the Amity Sister’s forum. Members must request access to this forum, and will receive access based on meeting the above criteria. A list of all members who have requested and gained access to the Amity Sisters forum will be stickied at the top of said forum. Above all, users must always assume that information shared on the internet is never truly private. You are responsible for your own internet safety and should always take that into account when you are posting. All access to the forum is at the discretion of the board owners. (sagemama and JustB)

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